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When we write, everything is possible – new hairdos, heroic action, true love. Get the nudge all writers need, without any of the guilt, bad sandwiches, or endless pacing back and forth that is so often part of the creative process.

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1. Getting Started
2. Writing and Memory - Sometimes I forget to remember.
3. Specific Detail - Not, hey you, but Bob.
4. That Inner Critic - Who hired this guy and why can't he keep quiet?
5. Plot - How to get to the end of things.
6. Creating Character - Like Frankenstein, but not so gruesome.
7. Building Character - Like Frankenstein, but not so tall.
8. Where we're at - Are we ever going to get there?

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Ringer has published three novels, and is the author of many articles, stories, poems, blogs, and has extensive teaching and creativity coaching experience. Visit his publishing website Wonderful World Publishing

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