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8 NEW creative writing lessons, many exercises, and a lot of fun!

The most important part of this school is the playground. Writing is an experience that challenges our preconceptions, stretches our imaginations, and surprises us at every turn. Everything is possible – other worlds, heroic action, true love.

We discover new ideas, memories we have forgotten, and characters we’ve never met. Each writing session is an adventure. Each time we put pen to paper, we improve.

Semester Two continues where Semester One left off, with creative writing lessons and exercises that will call forth your imagination and provide a structure for writing stories, novels and short stories. 8 new lessons (+ 1 bonus lesson).

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9. Beginnings – Once upon a time…
10. Originality – You can say that again.
11. Rhythm – It’s hard to spell.
12. Atmosphere – It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere.
13. Point of View – What it looks like from here.
14. Revision – Perfecting what’s already perfect.
15. Discipline, Procrastination, and Process – That’s right, I’ll get to it.
Bonus Lesson. The Novel and its friend, the short story – What took you so long?
16. Endings – The opposite of you know what.

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Ringer has published three novels, and is the author of many articles, stories, poems, blogs, and has extensive teaching and creativity coaching experience. Visit his publishing website Wonderful World Publishing

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